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What we do

At Conscious Leadership Evolution, we offer leadership development and consulting services to leaders, teams, and organizations that are committed to making a difference in the world.

We believe that the world is at a turning point and we are all called forth to step into a new kind of leadership: Conscious Leadership.

We also believe that the business community has a large role to play in bringing forth an environmental regenerative, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.*

Our definition of Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership comes from within and is a highly personal stand for being responsible for how we show up, experience and contribute to the world.

As a conscious leader, you are drawn by a compelling vision and intentional about what kind of future you want to bring into existence. You are open to new possibilities to emerge, willing to re-think, re-create and re-invent everything.

It’s a journey and you are committed to examining yourself, to be aware of your impact, to show up with integrity and to stay humble in the process. And have fun along the way!

Why embark on this journey?

As a conscious leader, you will be able to navigate the complex challenges we are facing today while contributing intentionally to creating a better world for all.

Becoming a Conscious Leader benefits not only your organizational success but also will have a tremendous impact on your personal well-being and that of the world.

Through self-discovery and growing awareness, participants in our programs will:

  • Discover the power of personal responsibility

  • Increase their capacity to inspire themselves and others to create outstanding results

  • Feel inspired by a vision of power and possibility

  • Expand their ability to communicate effectively

  • Be able to tackle complex leadership challenges

  • Create a new, expansive and powerful context in which to lead

  • Experience a deeper sense of fulfillment, love and joy

As an organization you will experience:

  • An engaged and motivated workforce, leading to a low turnover

  • Employees taking personal responsibility for the fulfillment of your organization’s vision

  • A reputation for excellent service

  • The ability to produce unprecedented  financial results

  • The satisfaction of making a difference in the world

Our Services

Now is the time – we are the leaders

The way we do business is changing drastically. That is why we encourage you to cultivate your capacity to be a conscious leader, grow conscious teams and build conscious businesses.

To support you in this evolution, we offer you customized cutting-edge training, transformational coaching and consulting services that will generate breakthrough results and powerfully increase your capacity as a conscious leader of the future.

Is this you?

You are a respected leader but in your heart-of-hearts, you haven’t reached the depth of your potential.

You, your organization and team are performing well, but not great, never mind transformational.

You are searching for more meaning and fulfillment in your work and in life.

You want to contribute to meaningful, lasting change.

You are ready to empower others to share the responsibility of evolving your business.

Is this your team?

You struggle with employee disengagement, low productivity,  and a high turnover rate.

You feel frustrated and a sense of dread having to deal with your team. 

Or …

You have a good team but know they are not as engaged as they could be.

You want to support their passionate contribution to your company and encourage them to create extraordinary, breakthrough results.

Is this what you want for your Business?

You want your business not only be profitable but also have a positive influence on society and the environment.

You want your business to be purpose driven and everyone involved inspired and excited about doing business with your company.

You want your business to be recognized as a trustworthy leader in your industry and community

You want to attract and retain great employees.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can support you in expanding your Conscious Leadership Capacity.