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Our Vision

Conscious Leadership Evolution was founded out of the desire to advance the development of conscious leadership in the world. In collaboration with other thought leaders in conscious leadership and evolving organizations, our goal is to bring you cutting-edge thinking, proven strategies and effective tools in this emerging field.

We intend to provide you with outstanding service to support you on your journey of becoming a conscious leader, leading conscious teams and building organizations.

Our services are our contribution to creating a socially just, environmentally regenerative and socially fulfilling world. *

* We are inspired by the Pachamama Alliance and wholeheartedly agree with their vision for the world.

Inga Michaelsen

Founder, Coach & Trainer

Inga Michaelsen, certified Co-Active Coach, has been studying personal and organizational transformation for over a decade. She founded her consultancy, “Conscious Leadership Evolution” out of the desire to rethink the possibilities for leadership in the world and to help her clients leverage business as a force for good.

Inga believes we all have the capacity to lead consciously at work and in our lives; and by doing so, have the power to impact the world around us in a positive and uplifting way. Committed to her own conscious evolution, Inga continues to seek out teachings and practices that will guide her and her clients.

Inga resides on Salt Spring Island with her two boys. When she is not working, you can find her enjoying the natural beauty of the island, getting her hands dirty gardening, dancing and going on adventures with her kids.

Shean Beardsley

Co-Facilitator, Business Coach & Consultant

Shean Beardsley is the CEO and founder of Global Motivation Inc He started his life career out on the streets of Edmonton Alberta at the age of ten. By the age of twenty Shean had found his way off of the streets and had developed and sold his first of many companies. Since that time Shean has been involved with the development and success of many companies ranging from international trade, alternative energy, construction and environment remediation. He has also been involved in humanitarian projects here in Canada and overseas, helping rebuild communities and train leaders. Shean has been teaching leadership and personal development course for the last twenty years. His lifelong studies into the human condition and self-development have led him to travel all over the world to learn from different teachers. His personal belief is to live each day in gratitude and the pursuit of your own personal greatness. Shean currently lives in Victoria B.C. with his two dogs and close to his family. Shean can be contacted at sbeardsley@shaw.ca