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The Art of Empowerment – The Coach Approach to Leadership

 Workshop Overview

As a leader or manager, your responsibility is to generate results through other people. When you realize that great results are a consequence of great performances by inspired employees, you begin to see the importance of empowering your people.

This workshop is designed to help participants shift from the command and control paradigm of management to one of mutual empowerment. They will learn key coaching principles that will enable them to elicit the talent potential inherent in each of their team members and how to create a work culture of mutual empowerment.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn coaching skills to support people’s development

  • Enhance their ability to facilitate outstanding results

  • Ability to inspire and motivate high-performance

  • Master the power of appreciation and acknowledgment

  • Create powerful alliances based on a set of shared agreements

Collaborative Instructional Strategies

This workshop is highly interactive. Key concepts will be presented and the participants will be supported through discussions and interactive exercises to deepen their learning while also creating inspired action steps to integrate their new insights into how they lead and communicate day-to-day.


The Art of Empowerment – A Coach Approach to Leadership Course has been designed for:

  • Employees

  • Supervisors

  • Lower-to-mid level managers

  • Leaders

  • Human resource professionals

Course Duration & Recommended course size

This workshop is an onsite, customized interactive experience for any size of group. Suggested length is a minimum of 8 hours.

Included in Program

  • Professional faciliation by qualified trainer

  • Support material to hand out each participants to for further learning on their own, if they wish.

  • Follow up report with results of the workshop and recommendations moving forward to help reinforce the lessons learned in the workshop

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