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As a leader, you shape the culture of your organization and greatly influence its success and impact in the world.  You are given the opportunity to be the vision holder, and to be a role model who inspires an empowered culture, enrolls loyal and engaged stakeholders and influences the impact your organization has on the wider system.

We recognize that it is not easy to be a leader in any kind of organization and that it can be a lonely endeavor. This becomes even more prominent when you commit to being a conscious leader and step outside the box of conventional leadership. It often brings up more questions than answers. Our commitment is to help you steer through these mostly unchartered waters by offering you support, insights, reflections, and tools.

Consider us an invaluable ally to on your evolutionary process of becoming a conscious leader.

Evolving as a Conscious Leader is not so much about learning more skills or increasing your knowledge about leadership, but it is about expanding your awareness of self, as well as the world at large.  It is about creating a new and larger context in which to operate from in service for the greater good.

Conscious Leadership coaching is a personalized 1-on-1 transformational experience that supports you in expanding your effectiveness and awareness as a conscious leader.

As any good coaching, we bring a practical, measurable, future-focused approach to our coaching programs, working with you on an individual level while keeping the whole system perspective in mind. This helps you to consider the bigger picture in your leadership impact.

We also hold space for you to deepen your awareness on a psychological and spiritual level, where you will experience more subtle but profound changes, that will guide you in increasing your authentic leadership impact.

How it Works

All our coaching relationships are custom designed, confidential and start with an intensive foundation building session where we assess your current reality, identify key areas for change and create a powerful vision for yourself and your organization.

The following session laser focuses on who you need to be and what you need to do in order to cultivate your conscious leadership skills, build a vital team culture and grow a thriving, meaningful organization.

If you are willing this is what you can experience

  • A new level of self-awareness and self-mastery

  • Being inspired by a vision of power and possibility

  • The ability to generate a culture of mutual empowerment

  • An increased ability to communicate effectively and inspire great performance

  • The ability to see the world in a more nuanced, complex and interconnected

  • An increased ability to tackle complex leadership challenges

  • The courage to take a stand for what you believe in

  • A deeper sense of connection with the life force energy   

  • A new, powerful and expansive context to lead in

All our coaching packages include:

  • Pre-Coaching Self-Assessment

  • 360 Feedback Assessment

  • Action steps to take each week between sessions, based on the learning’s and discoveries from previous sessions

  • Ongoing email follow up, worksheets, reading assignments, support and accountability

  • Growth and learning that will seriously change your life

  • An ally on your path evolutionary process.

Sessions take place primarily by phone or a virtual platform (i.e. Skype). The Foundation Building Session can start with an in-person retreat day on Salt Spring Island, BC, or at a location of your choice. Further in-person meetings can be agreed upon in the coaching agreement.

If you are inspired by the possibility of Conscious Leadership Coaching for yourself, get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation.