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Conscious Leadership Fundamentals – Empower yourself

“Growing research indicates that successful leaders who possess a deep self-awareness are able to connect and engage with others in meaningful ways. They are able to create possibilities from their circumstances, rather than being limited by them.” – CTI

 Workshop Overview

In this one-day training workshop, participants will be introduced to the fundamental principles of conscious leadership and why it matters. They will have the opportunity to wake up to their higher leadership potential by becoming aware of their limiting mind-made conditioning that unconsciously drives their behaviors every day. By shining a light on these unconscious patterns, participants become aware of their conditioning. This, in turn, leads to the opportunity to choose more consciously and to become creative agents at work and in their lives. They will walk away inspired by new possibilities and the basics knowledge of how to build trust and a conscious culture.

Learning objectives
  • Understand the concept of conscious leadership

  • Challenge existing patterns of behavior to enhance personal leadership effectiveness

  • Learn of and embrace the power of personal responsibility for the fulfillment of your team’s vision

  • Refine a personal values-based leadership vision

  • Ignite a passion for new possibilities

 Collaborative Instructional Strategies

This workshop is highly interactive. Key concepts will be presented and the participants will be supported through discussions and interactive exercises to deepen their learning while also creating inspired action steps to integrate their new insights into how they lead and communicate day-to-day.


The Conscious Leadership Fundamentals Course has been designed for:

  • Employees

  • Supervisors

  • Lower-to-mid level managers

  • Leaders

  • Human resource professionals

Course Duration

8,12, or 16 hours depending on your goals.

Recommended course size

12-30 participants

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