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Identify your Extraordinary Vision and Game Worth Playing™

Workshop Overview

Having a compelling vision that unifies your team and inspires everyone to contribute towards its fulfillment, is key to leading a conscious organization,  create outstanding results and meaningful change. This workshop is a starting point to create a unique and powerful vision for your organization and team. Together you will invent a Game Worth Playing that provides direction for clear and attainable actions towards the unfolding of your vision.

*Game Worth Playing™ – Jim Berquist.

Living your vision is powerful and bold.

Lynne Twist

Learning Objectives
  • Identify your organization’s compelling vision

  • Generate  a Game Worth Playing

  • Learn of and embrace the power of personal responsibility for the fulfillment of your team’s vision

  • Design a clear, attainable game plan for success

Collaborative Instructional Strategies

This workshop is highly interactive. Key concepts will be presented and the participants will be supported through discussions and interactive exercises to deepen their learning while also creating inspired action steps to integrate their new insights into how they lead and communicate day-to-day.


The Course Identify your Extraordinary Vision and Game Worth Playing™ has been designed for:

  • Leadership Team

Course Duration

8,12, or 16 hours depending on your goals.

Recommended course size

4-20 participants

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